I am a multimedia artist, publisher and mentor.

I combine visual and sculptural art, with poetry, spoken word and music.

My artworks forms a synthesis of multi-layered palimsests, ceremonial objects and journal notes, and has been displayed in museums, galleries, castles, libraries, tea houses and churches around Europe, Australia and the US. After years of living as a nomad, traveling and working on my art, I am again based in northern Sweden, setting up a new studio space. A portfolio will be added here soon.

I compose music as Hymnambulae. Our first album Orgelhuset (The Organ House) was released on Hypnagoga Press in 2016 – a music label and publishing house I run together with my brother Pär Boström.

My mentoring combine my experiences working as artist, with my work as a writing, yoga and meditation teacher and creativity coach. More information about my mentoring programs will be added here soon.


Recieve updates about my projects, publications and mentoring programs: